What I read...

There are many blogs I follow. I waned to share with you the most special ones. Blogs are sorted alphabetically. Most of the them are only in Polish (sorry!) but you can still visit them to see the pictures. If you are Polish - you are lucky ;)! By clicking a logo you will be redirected to the blog.

Languages: PL, NO 

Amazing pictures, amazing things! Celinum Patchwork is a place full of colorful blankets. The author lives in Norway and she know how to use the beauty of the local landscape. You can also find nice tutorials there. 

Keywords: sewing, crocheting, DIY, patchwork.

Languages: PL

Lidia is a creative person. In her blog she writes about her life, ideas and shows her work. She likes to inspire and she does succeed in this point. See the world from her perspective!

Keywords: crocheting, be inspired, joy of life.

Languages: PL

One thing is sure: Lena knows how to use colors - she is a color master. Her color combinations are always perfect. She also knows how to sew beautiful brooches and earrings. Do you not believe me? Visit her blog!

Keywords: sewing, felt, jewelry.

Languages: PL

Marysia is person full of ideas. You can find so many nice things on her blog! She loves to keep her memories in life journals which are great. Have a look on her blog - you will not be disappointed.

Keywords: knitting, crocheting, drawing, life journal, snail mail, be inspired.

Languages: PL

Paulina's blog is really unique. She has a talent in writing, designing but also in explaining things. I love to read her posts, so full of ideas! You can learn a lot there.

Keywords: design, recommendations, be inspired.

Languages: ENG

This girls is amazing! Be inspired, visit her blog!

Keywords: knitting, crocheting, be inspired, DIY.

Languages: PL

So beautiful brooches and earrings! All in one place. Felted birds are waiting for you on Ooliku blog!

Keywords: sewing, jewelry.

Languages: PL

Weronika is my friend from bachelor studies time. She is addicted to many crafts' techniques. She is sewing, crocheting and... designing gardens! She is a crochet addict, a florist and a garden designer. She loves to decorate her surroundings with the things she made.

Keywords: crochet, sewing, gardens, for children.

Languages: PL

Alicja (or Ala - that is how we call her) is my younger sister. She also has a blog which I have to recommend to you. You can find there some DIYs and presentations of items made by her. She is not posting a lot but new comments would for sure motivate her to write more :).

Keywords: sewing, DIY, be inspired.